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Thought Id share this with anyone who doesnt want to spend $90 on a Time-sert kit.

I discovered one of my valve cover bolts had stripped the hole in the head. Its an unusual size (M7-1.00) so i didn't want to spend full price on a Time-sert kit.

You can buy loose Time-serts for about $1.50 each. the OD of the 7mm insert is M8-1.00. I already had this tap size on hand but if you don't a cheap one can be had for like $10. you will also need a m7-1.00 bolt that is at least 20mm long. I got one for $0.80 at Home Depot.

drill and tap the stripped hole with the M8-1.00 tap. Counter bore that tapped hole about .030" deep with a 9mm drill bit for the flange of the insert. Be careful here as its easy for the bit to catch and go too deep very quickly. insert the Timesert, making sure the threads are clean and dry and the flange is below the surface. File the threads down on your spare M7 bolt so that the threaded portion is slightly flat on 4 sides. Put oil on this flattened bolt and screw it in until the Timesert expands and is fixed.

Job done for next to nothing if you have the drill bits and taps.

This can be applied to most thread-sert sizes just measure the OD of the insert, it will always use the same thread pitch. For example a M10-1.25 insert will use a M12-1.25 tap.

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