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first to post

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first to post!
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Weebs said:

first to post!
Well that makes me the second.
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So...ya wanna brownie button..? Or a chest to pin it on..????
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The question is are there enough people donating to make it worth the teams while riding under the banner......

sadly enough I doubt it - but hopefully im wrong.
we will be running under the banner, but we still need more donations.....................
OK Eric, I told you I woud donate if you got my big red "R" situation fixed so.........I am good to my word
just sent in my $25 smackuroo's

Now let's get some more donations and kick some butt's at the isle
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Finance update with 3 weeks and 4 days to go..........

with the latest donations including the $100 from Jeff W's site we are now at $1070, so at least we have broken the thousand dollar barrier...........

As it looks like we will not get anywhere near the $7500 we were after , i have had to make some quick decisions about the races. We cannot afford any fancy paint jobs for the bikes as we need the money to go on tyres and consumables plus spares etc.

So the F1 bike will be staying in its yellow and black colour scheme and i will sort out some stickers for the sponsors. The 750 and the 600 will be in metailic blue colour and will have white stickers. We took this decsions as wee still have a spare fairing for the 750 from last years bike already in that colour, so its cheaper to run that as a colour scheme and just get one more set painted for the 600.

My dream wa to have all 3 bikes in the same colour scheme so we would look like a "proper" factory team with everything matching, but we cannot afford fancy paint jobs with so little sponsorship money spare at the moment. The important thing is that we will not be skimping on effort, we will be trying 100% for the best result possible

thanks again for all those that have donated, you all know who you are

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Re: first to post *DELETED* *DELETED* *DELETED*

Post deleted by mpdgsxr1000
sorry about the triple posting, not sure what happened there.....guess i must be getting excited!
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