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Hi guys,

I would like to know if the bike would show every FI code in case it had more than 1 :scratch

In example, my gsxr1000 k1 (30k miles) does not have the SVTA, so its showing c29 FI code, BUT its also fouling the spark plugs really really fast, i mean 20 miles and completely black and fuel soaked plugs (not related to the secondary valve actuator removal since she was working fine before), so i suspect of some kind of fuel injection or air intake system malfunction, but as there is a previous failure code i was wondering if the thing would also show any other code...

Thanks in advance!!

P.S.: any idea about sparks being fouled would also be appreciated. (the injectors just came from being cleaned, and microfilters replaced, so i would guess they are working ok)

As an additional info, the bike was sitting for over 2 months on a garage without even a battery. And before my plugs were fouled, at about 8k rpm you could see some bluish smoke from the exhaust (not that much in my opinion, so i was thinking that it could be some seized ring from sitting)
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