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Few pictures of my new bike

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2000 750
bought it week and a half ago with 3776 on the clock now its got 43XX woot!
but stock:wtf


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Looks good, but get those reflectors off.
ourpurpose said:
Looks good, but get those reflectors off.
:lol Funny you say that b/c I still have mine on. Just never twisted them off. hehehe

Nice bike. I like the GSXR's
that bike is in great condition.. loks great, enjoy and ride safe
indeed, i'm not new to riding by far i've raced off road for years..and riddin street bikes before...reflects will more then likely go today...

also if i have some spare material...look for some custom carbon fiber parts coming up :)
Looks nice and clean, now you just need a nice pipe..
Wow, looks newer than my K6. Congrats man, sweet ride!
KaTo_NoLoveCrew said:
:lol Funny you say that b/c I still have mine on. Just never twisted them off. hehehe

Nice bike. I like the GSXR's
I'm glad you like the GSXR's, cause you are on a damn GSXR forum...LOL...

Nice bike, ditch the reflectors and fender and get yourself a Yosh and it'll be even sweeter:cheers
nice bike bro. looks really clean and in good shape for being almost 7yrs old.
actually i'm thinking about retrofitting a 06' gsxr exhaust...i like the low shorty style MUCH more...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you have Photography experience. We can sense our own.
that is a BEAUTIFUL old gixxer. KEEP THAT! that is like the classic gixxer race bike look. i want to own one of the 01-03 gixxers too someday. i dont see a scratch on it. lucky guy
there are a few scratches (very small) from the previous 2 owners...though i'm 100% sure its never been laid down...i have some photography experience..but those were taken by my friend whos a much larger photo head then I...

thanks for the compliments and such, seems like a great forum and real cool people around here...looks like i'll be sticking around!
here some photos both shot by me and my friend of my "Daily driver"

its a 2000 1.8T Getta (Jetta with a GTI front end) plus a few minor goodies..Manual boost controller, grill and 2.3" real project car is another japanese ride...96 toyota celica 100% custom stuff...everything getting done on it
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Nice and very clean bike !!!!!:cheers
Very nice ride! The 750cc gixxer that kicked ass when it came out. Good find!:thumbup
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