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Fender Eliminator

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So up my way it's almost winter, I have my bike put away, and thinking of what to add to it. I'm looking for a fender eliminator kit for an 89 gix. I also would like to get my hands on some white mirrors, and new signals - I don't like the flush mount, I'm wondering if anyone has seen aything else that looks nice on the old oilers. I've also got a black backrest and the old black tank bra, but my seat is blue. Anyone know where I can get a black seat?
Finally, the only defect on my bike is the rear fairings white tape is fading - are there decal kits for this available without buying for the whole bike?

Thanks guys, Appreciate the help.
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I had the opposite, a red backrest pad and the black seat.. I took the pad to a local auto upholsterer to get it done. He couldn't match the vinyl that someobdy had put on the seat exactly, but offered to do both for $50 and have it done in the afternoon. I couldn't resist, as my seat had a small tear in it anyways. :punk
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