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One day my father and I decided to lug our bikes out into hot July sun to "air them out". :D We didn't manage to get them all out, we ran out of energy and will too soon, so almost a half of the collection stayed inside. The place we had it in was kinda an office, with a very complicated layout and narrow front door, so it wasn't an easy task - hence the reason some were still left inside.

^Only after the fact, when I was reviewing photos did I realise I forgot to put the side cases on the Goldwing. :hammer

^The Nighthawk has been sold in the meantime.


Rest of collection, separate pics.

^This one left the stable earlier this year.

^Trying to sell this one, but not much luck. '78 GS 1000 E

^Has also left the stable.


And this one was THIS close to joining the stable. Had we not damaged the bike trailer we would've bought it too.


We're still trying to sell the rest, but the economic downturn in our country has hit the people that bought them the most. :(
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