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Ok so here's the deal. I have a 2012 gsxr 1000. My plan was buying a 2009-11 header and getting a m4 gp slip on

Well I ordered the m4 should be here tomorrow. I also found a 09 header that I bought and received Monday. When I opened the header it was not in the condition it was listed as. (Fleabay) so I told the seller and he's taking it back for a refund.

I found a yoshimura full exhaust minus muffler for cheap. Real cheap! So I just bought that.

Now my question is will the m4 gp muffler fit on the yosh header? Or am I screwed again?

I like the sound and style of the m4. Don't want to ditch that. I also like the fact of having a full yosh header. What do I do??

Really hope the m4 will fit on the header.

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