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exhaust interchange 89 600

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anyone know the inerchange for exhaust on a 89 600 motor. it is gtoing into a project atv so pipe and can length not an issue. just need to know what bolts to the head. 750 stuff fit? i post in h2o and haven't got that smart with the oil cooled. got anything on the cheap?
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:wtf If you are talking Gixxers,there was no 600 in 89
You are talking about a Kat motor if its an oil cooled Suzook. If that is the case, I'm mostly certain that the 750 stuff will work. I don't do anything with Kat motors, but I've been told it's all interchangable with the 750. The only difference in the head is that the combustion chanbers and valves are smaller but everything else is the same.

BUT, here's the thing, and there always has to be a thing - why not just put a 750 motor in there as the outside dimensions are the same... Wait, let me answer my own stupid question - it's because you already have a 600 motor and not a 750 right? Hey, I had to ask a dumb question like that - just because I can.
i stand corrected it is a katana, this is kinda my brothers project and i'm just trying to figure out what it will need for exhaust. ya he's already got the 600 motor.
All oil cooled gsxr, katana, and bandit headpipes will bolt up. Differences will come at the bottom. The early katana 600 had a different oil pan than the katana 750, gsxr750, and the bandit motors. Some collectors might have to be dented in to clear the drain plug on the early kat 600 motors. If you swap the oil pan, and pickup from a late model katana motor on, it will open you up to all late model katana headpipes, which are available and plentiful and cheap.
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