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Hi everyone. I wanted to take some time to say thanks to a member who has recently helped me out alot. So here's the story.

In March I purchased a 98 GSXR 600. It was in pieces and was in the "non-running" state. The story the kid gives me is that he bought it with a bad valve and he decided to do a lap job (I know) and now she won't go no more. Claims it ran like junk before. Alright I go and check it out. Hey she aint bad. Minor cosmetic flaws. 40,000km on the clock. It cranked ok. Sounded fine. Very little air moving out the pipe when I checked it while cranking. I gave him. 900$ and i took it home.

Im a heavy duty mechanic. I pull wrenches all day. Ok. Keep it simple. Checked timing, literally kid timed it 180 degrees out. Wow. Ok. Now I get nervous. I am not sure at this point if any contact was made between components. It sounds great cranking rotationally. Ahh. What the heck. Fresh charge, emptied and filled tank and timed it per the manual. Huzzuh! She's alive. Does not run well. Some ugly black smoke. Oh man. I hope she this thing isn't toast.

Did some compression testing. Yup. We got some low numbers. Did some cylinder pressurizing. Ewww. We got some bad valves too. Ok. Let's pull the head.

Rebuilt head from machine shop. All together. Running ok. Not great. Well. Let us investigate them carbs. Bingo. Greenest carbs I have ever seen. I cleaned them and replaced everything. Did a good job. Still this bike will not tune. It just isn't right. I start doing some heavy researching and decide I think my needle jets are worn, bad.


Being a frequent reader, not yet member or poster of anything I came here and i asked for help.....and help is what I received. First the people told me become a member. Ok. I am feeling a bit desperate. I am 3000$ in to the bike now. I need it to work. So I became a member. Then they said talk to CCMHUNT. So i contacted him.....

Chris is by far one of the nicest people I have met online other than my wife of 6 years. Chris got back to me right away and he was willing to help. I sent him pictures of my carbs and he said he could help. His price was way more than fair. So I shipped my carbs to him. Ya. Some feller I never met, am blindly trusting. Honestly. This is not in my character. Now if things go bad I am screwed. I think to all the times I read ccmhunt in a post here and a post there. Naw. Faith brother. Have some I told myself. I continued to wait.

This stranger, from Oklahoma had just given me a huge gift. When I got my carbs back I was very happy. Gorgeous carbs and they function perfectly. I put them on my bike and it fired up flawlessly. Finally! In the days to come Chris and I spoke a number of times. He has assisted me several times now and he has been helpful and inviting. I really appreciate what Chris did for me. I have been riding my bike since then and been loving it.

I want to refrain from talking out of turn on this matter but if you need help with carbs you may want to message CCMHUNT. I did and it was so worth it.

THANKS AGAIN CHRIS! I am still riding my bike mid October in Vancouver BC because I just can't stop!

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Awesome, thanks. My pleasure. And I know you are riding non stop because you text me at the damdest hours (due to the time difference) just to say how happy you are and you are still out riding. I remember those days...... ☺
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