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hey i was wondering if anyone can help with my rather unique problem. i know theres gotta be some sympathy 4 me amongst all the wrench-turners out there! ok check it out: recently i crashed my naked '93 600. when the engine hit the ground, it cracked the cast right where im pretty sure what was the oil drainage plug is 'sposed to be. (i didnt have her long enough to have to find out)i was originally planning to weld it shut, drill a hole and fit another bolt for it. but while i was down there i found another similar bolt, which when unscrewed spews oil as well. what im wondering, is do i need to put a hole for the smaller bolt back in, or can i just weld the hole shut and use the larger plug to drain the oil when i need to? just tryin to save a step in the repair process, i figured one of you guys might know. thanx in advance!!
-Vector, the Suicide King
PS- i have pics available via email so u can see what i mean.

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