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Electrical Nightmare 07 Gsxr 1000

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Hey y’all, unfortunately I am back again. I was involved in a motorcycle accident back in August of last year, and since then I have fixed everything (or thought I had fixed) that was broken in the wreck. A couple weeks ago, I really wanted to ride so I put my extra set of fairings on, then cranked the bike up. After it had warmed up, I sat on the bike and not even 2 seconds later it just shut off. I had the dreaded “chec” on the dash with the kill switch in the on position. I know from past experiences that this means the ecu isn’t communicating with the bike’s systems. I checked my kickstand switch and the jumper wire has continuity so I know it is fine. The wiring on my clutch switch wasn’t looking good so I replaced the whole left side switch assembly (Left handle bar). The wiring that ran from my kill switch looked like it had been burned through from the radiator, so I replaced the kill switch. I noticed that my ignition fuse had blown so I replaced it. I then checked my regulator/rectifier and noticed that the wires were burnt and the plugs.. Since my ignition fuse was blown, could my regulator have sent to much power to my ecu before blowing the fuse? I’ve checked my starter relay, switched fan with FP relay to no avail. I’ve done a visual inspection of my ecu and everything looks ok to the naked eye. I know I am basically just throwing parts at this bike at this point.. if this ecu is bad, this will be the 3rd ecu that has gone out. Is there a way to check to see if the ecu is bad? Still getting “chec” with kill switch on. Oh, and I’ve checked the side stand relay and it is working.!blinkers work and neutral light is on. @BillV would you mind helping me out?
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If you turn the key on with the kill switch in the on position and neither the fuel pump nor the upper throttle blades cycle, you’re not getting ECU communication.
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