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Recently I got a 07 GSXR 750 and after the first ride the battery and Ecu both got fried. I ordered a new Ecu and rectifier and stator and we got them all installed ant the bike now works and rides. But now I’m having a weird electrical issue. My tail light only works when the brakes are applied (running lights don’t work for some reason) and the signal lights do not work for both the front and rear. As well as the gauge cluster backlight doesn’t work or is extremely dim and it does not display my MPH. It’s all very confusing and I am at a loss as of what to do to fix it all. Hence why I joined the forum. If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it as I have already poured a lot of money into this bike and I’m tired of these issues.

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Download a service manual. There's a wiring diagram at the end. I've downloaded the K6 600 manual from somewhere and it should have the same diagram as yours or very close. The position, tail, license plate, and turn signal lights all get power from a Br lead that comes from the ignition switch. Try turning the switch to P and check if the lights come on (Br then gets power nearly straight from the battery). If so, the Br wiring is OK. In ON, the power to Br comes from an O/G lead and the IGNITION fuse. The horn should work whenever O/G has power.

"My tail light only works when the brakes are applied"
I suspect that what you're seeing is the brake light.

Alternately you have some sort of B/W ground problem. But since you're running, I'm less suspicious of it. Fix the lights and then see what the backlight is doing.
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