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In the last few weeks I've been having some problems with my bike that I can't explain. A little background, I have an 04 600, 4000 miles. I went down last year may, on the right side of the bike. Damage was all cosmetic except my rims got fucked and subframe took a hit. I fixed the bike up and put a vast majority of the miles I have on the bike post-accident. I haven't had problems till a couple of weeks ago.

My first problem was that my speedo crapped out on me. Everytime I accelerated hard or hit a good-sized bump, it would crap out on me. It would read 0 mph. I think I know what is causing this though(I put a fine layer of bel-ray o-ring safe grease on my chain after cleaning it. I think its on the sensor causing it to crap out)

The next thing that I noticed was that every once in a while(in fact very rarely) I would hit turn the kill switch into the run position, hear the fuel pump do its thing(as well as the tach spinning around) and then it would do it again immediately for no reason.

The third problem I had was that this morning I went out to start my bike to go to work. I put the key in, hit the kill switch(run position), wait for the fuel pump, pull the clutch in and hit the starter, then I hear a click and EVERYTHING shuts off, including the guages. I turned the key, played with the wires leading to the cluster, and still nothing. I thought my battery died, or a fuse blew, so I took off the seat and checked it out. Pulled the fuses and everything, and stil nothing. I noticed my kryptonite chain was resting against some of the fuses and relays. I pulled it out. Then when I went back to ignition, I turned the key, and everything lit back up.

Could my chain be the culprit in all my woes. How could it cause the bike to die like that? Another point of interest is that my rectifier was hit during my accident(a couple of fins broke off). I dont know if that could be a part of it. Also, in the last week or so in new york, its been very hot, and I've taken my bike out riding, sometimes catching heavy traffic.
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