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EGT Sensor(s)

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Long story short, looking at my header and EGT sensors popped in my head...decided to look around to see what the webz had to offer then figured I would pop in here to see if anyone is utilizing 1 or 4. I would suspect someone would be using them as a tuning tool but I just wanted to see your set up or get any info, just being nosey and don't really plan on doing this but it could be some great info for others. I'm still going to be looking around for no reason.
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used them for tuning.
and for constant running, good for keeping the banks in line with each other, also run an 02 bung in each header.

thread in the block off if i don't want to use them.

very handy if you're pushing the limits and chasing every bit of hp
also shows up damaged cylinders early before everything goes to shit.
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