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eff the police!! i got pulled over again!!!

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so im on the way to work in the morning i was laready late 1 hour cuz i woke up late i turn right onto the street before gettin on the freeway and the cop truend left about 10 secconds before me i guess he saw me and he wanted to stop me so he stoped on the side of the road i knew he stoped cuz he was gonna pull someone over and i had a good feeling it was me so i changed lanes to the left unfortunately the light was red and i wasnt able to go n e where i saw him signal to the person in the car behind me not to go when the light turns green cuz he wants to get behind me right when we started to move he lit em up i pulled into a parking lot turned the bike off put the stand down and lifted up the visor he came to the side n saaid his shit gave him my lic and crap he went to the car and about 10 min later he comes back with 2 pages of crap as attachd here are some of the codes


No person shall sell, offer for sale, or operate any motor vehicle equipped with red, blue, or amber translucent aftermarket material in any partitions, windows, windshields, or wind deflectors.

^^^ i got a smoked screen not red blue or amber screen and also tuna told me some older ducks came with painted shields that u cant even see through!!


The emitted light from all lamps and the reflected light from all reflectors, visible from the rear of a vehicle, shall be red except as follows:

(1) Stoplamps on vehicles manufactured before January 1, 1979, may show yellow to the rear.

(2) Turn signal lamps may show yellow to the rear.

(3) Front side marker lamps required by Section 25100 may show yellow to the rear.

(4) Backup lamps shall show white to the rear.

(5) The rearward facing portion of a front-mounted double-faced turn signal lamp may show amber to the rear while the headlamps or parking lamps are lighted, if the intensity of the light emitted is not greater than the parking lamps and the turn signal function is not impaired.

(6) A reflector meeting the requirements of, and installed in accordance with, Section 24611 shall be red or white, or both.

^^^ talking about no red rear reflector


Either the taillamp or a separate lamp shall be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear license plate during darkness and render it clearly legible from a distance of 50 feet to the rear. When the rear license plate is illuminated by a lamp other than a required taillamp, the two lamps shall be turned on or off only by the same control switch at all times.

^^^ talkin about no lic plate light which ill tae care of and tell em in court that it was broad day light n he couldnt see it


No person shall sell or offer for sale for use upon or as part of the equipment of a vehicle, nor shall any person use upon a vehicle, any device that is intended to modify the original design or performance of any lighting equipment, safety glazing material, or other device, unless the modifying device meets the provisions of Section 26104. This section does not apply to a taillamp or stop lamp in use on or prior to December 1, 1935, or to lamps installed on authorized emergency vehicles.

^^^ talkin about the integrated setup ive got thats bull also ill put on my rear pegs again and put some amber lights on em and say that he didnt see those either


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Sorry to hear that DJ :)
Don't know about the windshield, but here I can't legally have the intergrate/tail/blinker lights,.
And as far as your exhaust well it is loud ;)
and damn who really still has 'reflectors' on geesh think those were the first things to go. lol
No sorry DJ dont have a stock one....
as far as I'm concerned my Hindle came stock on the bike when I got it ;) lol. I always pop it into 4th/5th if Im in slow traffic near a cop so they dont hassle me for the noise..
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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