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Hello everyone,
im trying to build a ecu-cable for my own.

My first try with a TTL 232R 5V USB Cable from FTDI didnt worked. I followed the instruction on at the thread on ecuhacking:

As you can see (little bit down in the thread), i directly connected the pins with the usb cable, except the red and brown cable.
I dont know what i should connect to the FWE pin... the layout which was posted is not very clear in that point...:shifty

Can somebody help me and tell me what i did wrong or what i have to do exactly to get it connected and work with the "ECU Editor".
Is there a right layout out there for the GSXR 1000 K9?


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Well if you don't follow the schematic you are given how do you expect it to work?

Connect the red wire AND brown wire together,then (after) the red/brown join connect the 1kohm resistor and terminate that to the pin 29.
Connect the usb R232 5V cable to the PC,set up the com port correctly,and then connect all the wires to the ECU.

Finally turn on the ECU by connecting the +12V and ground to the ECU and you should be fine
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