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The answer is yes!!!!

I scooped up this video and it is excellent. A must have for us non-motor folks who are tired of paying the high labor rates. I'm have historically always taken my bikes to shop for anything that requires opening the engine. Not anymore. It's not like they did a rebuild or something, but they do adjust the valves and carbs and are very detailed about all the parts and the proper specs and postions.

Probably not a whole lot to most of the guru's in this forum, but if your fairly new and want to find the correct way to work on your own bike

The other thing was I got to see what stock is supposed to look like
imagine that a stock oil cooled GSXR.
Now I have a better idea where I'm supposed to have brackets, braces, washers, gromets, and allot of other stuff that seems to missing from my bike

The guy selling these is cool too. They don't have any VHS left, but you can get a CD with a real player video file. It is clear and works good if your PC is fast enough for real video. I would recommend it to all beginners!

This is his website in case the video is not on ebay anymore.

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