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Drag Bike Fork Question

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Most people lower the front by moving the forks up in the triples. Does anyone know of someone who makes shorter forks? I don't want 1-2 inches of fork sticking up in my face when I am tucked and I also don't want to compromise my suspension travel with straps. Thanks!
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I use the straps, but just remember, when you lower the front and still have a full moving suspension you may bottom out the fairing.
their are lots of place that cut your forks down.
would be a good place to go to.
I have mine slid up through the triples about a inch and just strap it at the track. I may send mine to drag bike direct this winter to get them cut down.
Does it mess up the spring rate or do they install new ones?
I am not sure exactly what they do. Best bet would be to call them.
I did. Thanks for the help!
Can you leave the straps on for everyday riding
just casual riding
Can you leave the straps on for everyday riding
just casual riding
Only if you loosen them. DO NOT ride on the street with the fork strapped down. The whole idea of suspension is to keep the tires in contact with the ground - going straight it doesn't matter much (until you have to brake and it's a bit bumpy) but hit bumps in a turn with no suspension travel and you might very well crash.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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