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Service Manuals, Parts Diagrams, and Tech Info

I put this together as a central place to find just about everything you could need for Oil-Cooled Gsxr's! Service Manuals, Parts Diagrams, Carb Tuning Info, as well as just about every magazine article and more. VM or does not promote or condone copyright infringement so the choice to use some of the information contained on OTHER sites is totally up to you. I'm just telling you where to find what you need;)

Update 01Jul16: I'm forced to pay for enough space now on the site below so all Oil Cooled info has been combined into one login where a seperate folder can be found for both 1st generation and second generation machines.

All Downloads Regarding 85-87/750's & 86-88/1100's 1st Generation (Slabsides) & 88-92/750's & 89-92/1100's, 2nd Generation (Slingshots)

March 26 2018: The loser with email address [email protected] stole the account from me so here is the new login info with guest only download access.

Go to:

Username: [email protected] Password: gixxer

Please note: Information that has to do with all Oil-Cooled Gsxr's is posted in both folders.

Other resources for Parts Diagrams:

These use Suzuki Part Numbers-

Suzuki Motorcycle OEM Parts, MRCycles

750's: parts suzuki gsx r750 motorcycle accessories spares replacement aftermarket

1100's: parts suzuki gsx r1100 motorcycle accessories spares replacement aftermarket

These use their own part numbers but are good if you'll be ordering the parts from them:

OEM Parts : Ron Ayers

Other resources for Service Manuals:
(Free registration required)
(Registration not required)

Pm or Email me with any problems or additions, Enjoy! :cheers

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Rather than have yet another sticky, I've decided to add to this thread some reference info to answer common questions.:wacko

Wheel Swaps!

Airtech Part numbers for fresh air kits:

1st Gen- Scoops (NACA Style): GSXR-7YAD, $82.99/Pair (Not shown on the site, but available)

Carb Covers GSXR-7YFC, $82.99/Pair

2nd Gen- Scoops (Enlarge Stock Holes): 2GSXR79, $82.99/Pair

2nd Gen Carb Covers: GSXR710, $47.52/Pair (seems too cheap, but that's what's listed)

ヨシムラ Yosh Japan part number for carbon heat shield kit 541-001-0000
(Comes with template, you have to cut to fit) $75.00

When ordering from Airtech by phone ask about the ducting for the fresh air scoops, they have that also: 1-760-598-3366

Here is their well guarded email address: [email protected] I wouldn't expect much of a reply, but it's worth a shot. Apparently Airtech won't ship internationally either so things will have to be relayed by someone Stateside. Seems ridiculous to me, but that's how they run it.

Webpage for Suzuki bodywork:

Shock Swaps courtesy of oldboy, thanks! (Use these charts to evaluate possible swaps;)



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This is thanks to Peter Smith, it is quoted from another site:

I've been researching different engine combos and have accumilated some info I'd thought I'd share. Here's some interesting data I got from the folks over at cycle concepts, I'll post some info I've found on the 750 in another thread:

Dwayne and I have been racing GSXRs for over 10 years now, and we have seen and tried it all. So believe me when I say that the head is the very first place you should spend money, even before pistons.

I will give you some example numbers from a personal street bike that we did a bunch of experiments with several years ago. The bike had 40mm Mikuni flatslides, a full Race-only Yosh exhaust, and a Dyna 2000 ignition

Stock 1127 engine with degreed cams, 750(oversize) carb boots, Mikunis: 130hp

Stock 1127 pistons with a full port job and 30mm intake/26mm exhaust valves, stock cams: 154hp

1216 Wiseco pistons with the same head/cam combo: 161hp

1216 Wiseco pistons, same head with .380" lift cams: 169hp

1277 JE pistons, head shaved to increase compression, same head and cams 180hp, sidewinder exhaust

1277, same engine except for .425" intake cam: 182hp

1277 same engine, except for oversize intake seats, 31mm intake valves, and the head slightly reported to take advantage of the larger valves: 190hp

As you can see, the oversized valves and port job were worth 24hp alone. It took 5mm oversize pistons, oversize sleeves, bored cases, huge cams and a sidewinder exhaust to exceed that level of power increase.

If you add in the gain from the 31mm intake valves, and you have a total power gain of 30hp from just the head!

To put it in perspective, I have seen 1340 big blocks with ported stock-valve heads that barely broke 150hp. That same engine, with a stock head, only made about 144hp.

Also, I would stay away from the slingshot head, unless you are going all-out with a serious engine. The carb boots for the Slingshot head are only made for 36mm carbs. The oversize boots from the 90-92 750s are made for factory 38mm carbs, and are way bigger, and allow for a straighter port design. The problem is, the 90-92 boots don't fit the Slingshot head. They bolt up,but they are about 3/8" too low, so they actually hurt airflow. Plus, the raised ports on the Slingshot head put the carbs so high that they hit the frame in an 1100 chassis.

Also, the Slingshot head has such a small combustion chamber that the piston domes must be hand-fitted or the engine won't even turn through. And the valve pockets must be cut deeper in the pistons to accommodate a Slingshot head as well.

The best head to use, unless you are building a high-dollar race head with weld-on spigots, is the 91-92 1100 head. It has a nice raised floor entry into the short-side radius on the intake side, and is worth 4-6hp over the 86-90 1100 head. And the big carb boots bolt up perfectly.

Now if you want a 33mm intake valved, offset-guide monster head, capable of over 210hp with a stock crank, then the Slingshot head is the way to go. That what Dwaynes brother TJ has on his Heavy Hitter bike.

ok...with you being on a budget there are a few things you could...

1. 1277 cc kit...makes great power and extremely reliable.

2. i would recommend rods but if you can't get that in your the watercool rods are the next best thing...with these rods you can spray it up to 80hp...the key to this is timing control...i recommend the prostreet 2 box...this will give you all the room for your future expansion to the engine and nitrous...

3. undercut the stock tranny

4. mtc lock up

5. start with a slingshot head...oversize intake/exhaust valves, springs/retainers and cams to accomadate the raised compression/nitrous...

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