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doesn\'t someone need a...

50-tooth aluminum sprocket?

I've got a butt-load of other stuff to list on eBay as soon as I get it pulled off the bike. Anyone want first-shot at any of this stuff, make me an offer. It's all from my blue-white `89 1100.

upper fairing/headlight/bracket
rear caliper/mount
solo-cowl (needs paint)

I'll also have either a 4.5" or 5.5" complete wheel/bearings/cush, depending on which one we can get to fit in my roomies' FJ1200.

I *may* be listing my tail-fairings and tail-light if I can score the `91 solo one-piece off eBay... nobody else from here is looking to score that I hope.

PM me here or email at [email protected]
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