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I've been trying to find a good diet I go to the gym 5 days a week usually mornings but sometimes twice a day I always lift weights to start then I end with a 20-30 min bike run, I drink a protein shake for breakfast and usually eat chicken, tuna or boiled egg whites and fruit. I only try to eat twice aday and won't eat after 9pm. I've been trying to get a flat stomach but can't seem to get it

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I personally think that after 9 rule is a myth. I usually always eat before I go to sleep on workout days. Keep in mind that I don't eat super heavy foods though. Nothing out of a can or box, no fast food, poop carbs, etc. I usually go to sleep with a portion of fish/chicken with veggies or a, 2 scambled eggs or a few handfuls of mixed nuts. Ill literally wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I havnt eaten in 24 hours if I don't. I figured thats my body going catabolic :frantic

Right now I eat a bunch of white meat ( not as much red ), fruits, veggies, and sweet potatoes. I really don't eat anything with grain. Don't get me wrong though, I'm on no diet. Ill eat bowls of pho, rice, ice cream, cake, etc if I want them. Dieters have to refrain from certain foods, I genuinely just don't want them thst often. I don't like how sluggish they make me feel.

Easiest way to lose weight is to get the correct amount of water daily ( Im 6'2, 205, drink about 1 1/2 gallon a day) and get the right amount of calories per day without a bunch of shitty carbs.

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4-5 days a week I'm lifting. My typical routine is: chest/tris, then back/bis, then legs/core, then shoulders. Sometimes I will save bis/tris for a weekend day if I really wana focus on isolating muscle groups. I typically will do a minimum of 8 reps per set, as I care more about muscle density over looking bulky. As far as supplements go: I use optimum nutrition's pro complex lean mass gainer(chocolate flavored) made with WHOLE MILK ONLY, fuck water. Do you all on here consider cannabis a supplement? Because I do smoke basically all day every day. But right after completing my workout I goto my car, mix my protein, smoke a fat bowl, then go relax in the hot tub/sauna/steam room and enjoy my protein... And I gotta say the ganj definitely helps if you're barely 170lbs, less than 4.5% body fat and consume 8,000+ calories a day... :punk

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yep i lift, im a big boy though 135kg (fat)
used to be a labourer
the last 8 months have been plagued injury after injury, its killing me.

full blown training consists of a hard days labour (still the best thing for working out imo)
then a 2hr workout either before or after work, i tend to find before work leaves me with a better recovery time, i think because it forces your body to pump all the shit out of the muscles.
20mins cardio once workout is complete, keep heart rate above 140bpm

day 1/5, i try to train chest and shoulders twice a week one major chest, minor shoulders, then major on shoulders minor on chest
day 2, abs, glutes, and a light leg workout (used to do monster leg days, 650kg leg press after 160kg squats deadlifts etc) due to a constant knee failure atm
day 3, either rest or punish my body in somewhere that needs a pick me up
day 4, back & arms (extremely punishing combo, by the end of it i can't even curl 5kg)

i do this and on cutting only eat 2300-2700cals a day, drop a spastic amount of weight and have 2 re-feed days a week. (what im trying to do atm, want to drop 35kg to get down under 100)
bulking is 4000 cals a day + 2 re-feed days, thats for when i wanna pack it on, havent done this for 18 months now though.

one thing i do thats different to everyone else i train with; i make an organic juice 6 days a week, i swear its the elixir of life contains:
half an orange, half an apple, half a punnet of raspberries, 1 carrot, half a bunch of kale, 1 bok choy, 60g spinach leaves, slice of ginger.
100% organic 14g of fructose and it has 1/2 my daily intake of veggies, makes my life a walk in the park and keeps my liver and kidneys clean.
did a full week detox before commencing training to get all the toxins out of my body, that included sauna sessions to sweat it out, never felt better in my life. was drinking 3L of juice a day (had more ingredients in it then my day to day juice has)
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