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Do I Really Have To Change My Oil Every Year?

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Dear MOby,

I just saw your answer regards oil change. My manual says that I need to change oil every 3000 miles. But I only ride about 1000 miles per year (very short commute). By the book, I need to perform oil change every three years. Do I really need to change oil every year? Is it okay to change oil every three years, just because I don’t ride that much?

Thank you

PS: Just to make myself comfortable, I do oil change once a year.
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I change min every 5000kms typically running Lucas 10-40 synthetic. If something happens and we end up on a longer trip and I go over im covered, I also always change my oil before storage. My bike gets stored ready to ride typically, except this year. Other than me changing cosmetics and what not. So mine gets around 3 or 4 oil changes a year. my opinion a touring bike is any bike you ride long distance. Its funny when we group ride and the cruisers and touring bikes are just crying after 800kms, and us full time gixxer riders are like come on lets go. easily do 1200km a day rides. For us its a lifestyle, everyone else is a hobby.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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