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Do I need to tune after replacing a slip in exhaust?

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I’m about to swap slip on exhausts. Bike came with a two bros exhaust with the cat deleted. It has a PCIII. I’m new to super sports so I’m not sure if it was custom mapped or what. It seems to run fine , maybe a bit of puttering at low rpms but I think that’s mainly because it’s just begging to have the throttle twisted at all times.

But now with a replacement to a scorpion exhaust, should I be getting this thing professionally tuned? Is a PCIII still functional in 2022? What do you recommend? Limited budget.
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if you want it optimal bring it in to a dyno tuner.. or download the map

determine if your ECU has been zeroed out, and if the map is a zero map, match maps accordingly, if they still use zero maps in 22?
tuner can let you know what you have or suzuki shop
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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