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I think you are missing Birdman's point.

And I have found the same thing with my own testing (as did Tim)

Stock filter makes X HP

K&N Filter makes X -2hp

BMC Filter makes X HP

BMC Race Filter makes X +2 HP (but compromises on filtering)

DNA Filter makes X +2 HP (but does not compromise filtering)

These are my own test results. If someone else got something different then post away.

The filters are same bike same day , multi runs with attempts to custom map each one.

There is variation of a couple of HP run to run but over all the above results were pretty repeatable.

The DNA is made of the same stuff and the same principal as the K&N , as is the BMC so there is no real difference in that respect.

The difference in the DNA (Race) filter for the GSXR1000 is that has more filter area. It's quite obvious just looking at it.
The pleats are larger and they take up all the available room they can.

It was the first filter I've tested that actually made more power.

It was the first filter that made enough difference that you have to adjust the fueling or the bike ran crap at low rpm/thottle openings.

So, if it's still just marketing hype ...... what ever.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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