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Details of the f1 bike rebuild, with pics

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Started rebuilding the F1 bike today, its the bike we used in this years TT races, but the frame and the swingarm have been sent to Spondon Engineering for straightening and strengthening, and painted black. We also now have the quick release system fitted so a wheel change will take about 8 seconds....

started getting the engine fitted in the frame

here you can see the stregthening in the headstock, which was cut out and re-welded back in to straighten the frame up

throttle bodies then added, notice secondary butterflies have been removed as part of the engine tuning process......

close up

then the QB carbon high capacity air box is fitted

Swingarm now back from Spondon Engineering, a real work of art.........

close up of spindle and chain adjuster

Spent ages routing the wiring, we are running the Yoshi race loom with a new 32 bit race ECU with higher rev range, then started fitting the rearsets etc

The forks should be back this week, they have been sent to Race Components for sorting out, proper respringing and revalving, they worked really well on the 750 at the TT, the F1 bikes had aparently been reworked by Ohlins, but we now know they just fitted some new springs and oil. So we will have some PROPER compression and rebound damping when we fit the reworked forks.

This is where we finished the day

Once we get the forks back, the front end can all go back in

We now have a quickshifter, from Translogic, its the QS2 model and its the only one that will not effect the suzuki Fi light. It looks really well made and comes with everything you need, even down to the correct size drill bit for drilling some holes. Not got round to fitting it yet,as ran out of time, just been drooling over it in its box. Will post more in due course

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That is SO awsome!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you guys racing the TT again next year!!!!!!!!
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