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Details of the f1 bike rebuild, with pics

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Started rebuilding the F1 bike today, its the bike we used in this years TT races, but the frame and the swingarm have been sent to Spondon Engineering for straightening and strengthening, and painted black. We also now have the quick release system fitted so a wheel change will take about 8 seconds....

started getting the engine fitted in the frame

here you can see the stregthening in the headstock, which was cut out and re-welded back in to straighten the frame up

throttle bodies then added, notice secondary butterflies have been removed as part of the engine tuning process......

close up

then the QB carbon high capacity air box is fitted

Swingarm now back from Spondon Engineering, a real work of art.........

close up of spindle and chain adjuster

Spent ages routing the wiring, we are running the Yoshi race loom with a new 32 bit race ECU with higher rev range, then started fitting the rearsets etc

The forks should be back this week, they have been sent to Race Components for sorting out, proper respringing and revalving, they worked really well on the 750 at the TT, the F1 bikes had aparently been reworked by Ohlins, but we now know they just fitted some new springs and oil. So we will have some PROPER compression and rebound damping when we fit the reworked forks.

This is where we finished the day

Once we get the forks back, the front end can all go back in

We now have a quickshifter, from Translogic, its the QS2 model and its the only one that will not effect the suzuki Fi light. It looks really well made and comes with everything you need, even down to the correct size drill bit for drilling some holes. Not got round to fitting it yet,as ran out of time, just been drooling over it in its box. Will post more in due course

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our race tuner knew of the pair mod, but iiad we would be better off keeping it. I cannot remember why, when i next see him, i will ask him why
the work was done by Spondon engineering in spondon, derbyshire, england.

its all done to their spec, you just give them your old swingarm, they cut it up, strengthen it, remove the original adjusters, reweld it all back together,notice the top part now runs to the end of the arm unlike the original, they fit their own QD fittings for adjustment and quick release etc. costs about £950
i think the current exchange rate is about $1.4 to the £1
1knerd said:

Thanks for sharing the pics Eric, waay cool. So what was the handling problem traced to? Are you going to use the stock shock linkage and moded stock forks?
Do the ohlins forks and shock make a big difference compared to modified stock parts? Are those forged aluminum or magnesium OZ wheels?
What were the top speeds on this bike and where was it measured?
Any plans for other road races in Ireland, etc that can be used to shake down this bike before the TT?
I'd like to get one of those mini-screens on top of the double bubble, can you give me a link?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'd love to do this some day. I think these are the coolest races on earth.
Handling problem caused by a bent frame and a not strong enough bendy swingarm, which meant that the wheels were not in line

we have a yosh shock linkage to go with an ohlins modded shock and race components modded standard forks. the so called ohlins reworked forks were crap, so we now have fully adjustable original forks.we never did have the full ohlins forks, just springs and internals

aluminium wheels, mag wheels have been known to fail at the TT !!!!!

Seen over 180 mph down sulby straight, that was speedo reading only, more to come. was geared for 200 mph in theory

road racing in ireland depends upon funds riased, we would like to do it, but funds prevent us.

the mini screens......only ever seen them for sale at the IOM. they are a side car accessory, costs about £5 for 2. i have no web links...sorry

you can always enter the manx GP, its run over the same course as the main TT, but more for club racers......

thanks for your support
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the full yoshi system is the one that was on the bike when we bought it. As we are working on a limited budget, we cannot afford to go buying new pipes etc if its only going to get us a "few" more HP. The engine tuning has all been done with reliability in mind. We could have tuned the bike to take a few more revs, giving more HP, but we need a certain amount of overun for when the bike is airbourne at the TT, so the power has been hald back a fraction to aid reliability

But if anyone out there want to sponsor us with a new style full system, i will be more than happy to fit it to the bike and taken down the dyno to see if there is any improvement etc.

most of the info you want is in this post from the TT forum under the race bike update

it started out as an ex superstock bike, no tuning allowed, at 143 rwhp and now has 178 rwhp and 98lb/ft torque.

dont even want to think about the true cost....
.....paid by sponsors/me/my firm/hobbsport racing who did the engine work at limited cost to me. Things like the ultra thin yoshi head gasket, even at discounted prices cost £90 (about $140) !!!!!!!!!!

to replace the whole bike as it now stands, with its current spondon frame and quick releaase axle system, QB carbon air box, 2 sets of OZ wheels, ap racing and pfm brakes, ohlins suspension, tuned engine etc etc etc etc etc would probably cost £18,000 to £20,000 ($30,000)
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ours is only a privateer bike. we have one bike, one engine, two sets of wheels and a few spares. If something goes wrong, we either have to repair it or not race. we cannot swap to a no 2 bike and we do not have 3 factory spec "full of unobtanium " engines with works suspenion, factory frames, carbon fairings etc etc etc just knocking about to use at will.

Our bike has been built to a high spec with off the shelf parts. A single factory superbike would cost about £100,000+ if you could buy one, thats before any spares ................

to help support the TT team for the 04 races, buy a raffle ticket and be in with a chance to win a pocket bike in the team colours, or a translogic quickshifter, or one of 5 race team shirts for the '04 races.

The link to the raffle is
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