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Sorry for the late notice but...

Hi all,
I just want to let everybody to know that the Toronto Sport Riders are hosting a Daytona party this year. The race is live on Saturday March 10th, and the location is confirmed at Philthy McNasty's in Richmond Hill.
They have 2 massive projector screens that we can use, along with the 40 other tv's throughout the restaurant. They even have a television in every booth as well. They will also have the races on with full audio. We have a meeting with their guy this Friday and we'll be posting all the details in this thread, so stay tuned.
The main race starts at 11:00am, but there are some kewl motorcycle-related pre-race shows that start at 10:00am (Yes in the MORNING).
To check the schedule visit:

Also, We are getting some prizes/give-aways, and I'll also be arranging for some "Toronto Sport Riders" gear (i.e. t-shirts/calendars/decals) so you definitely do not want to miss this event. for details about all our events and information.

PS> Don't confuse this with the MotoGP races that are on Sunday.
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