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What else would I need to use this software other than downloading it? I have a hero 3 camera. Do I need some type of data logger? What can be used as one if needed? I signed up on the site, and sent a question to sales and support, and I've heard nothing. It's been almost 4 days now. I seen on there fbook page that customer service is not there strong suit. But the software seems to kick ass once you know how to use it. Any experience dashware users help would be appreciated.

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A GPS-based laptimer that logs the info from the session

It does kind of detail that right on their homepage if you actually read it.

What is DashWare?

DashWare is revolutionary PC software that lets you visualize your data with sleek, fully customizable gauges - taking your videos to a new level. Using DashWare, you can easily produce a professional-looking video presentation in a wide range of formats. DashWare allows your videos to keep pace with your imagination.

Download DashWare for a free test drive. DashWare is a Windows PC application, but it also runs on Macs under VMware, Parallels or Boot Camp.
Works with just about any video file format, including ChaseCam, Contour / ContourHD / ContourGPS / Contour+, GoPro / GoPro HD HERO...
Use for a wide range of applications - cycling, mountain biking, auto racing, autocross, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, aviation, SCUBA diving... you name it!
Automatically extracts data from ChaseCam and ContourGPS / Contour+ video files.
Built-in support for a wide range of data logging systems such as ChaseCam, ContourGPS, Contour+, Garmin, AiM, MoTeC, RaceLogic DriftBox / PerformanceBox, Traqmate, Race Technologies DL1, Racepak G2X, RLC, XT Racing, Harry's Lap Timer, Qstarz, Holux, Aeris CompuMask, HP Tuners, STACK, Starlane, Paralog, FlySight, DashDAQ...

Bring in data from any CSV, FIT, GPX, TCX and NMEA files. Most telemetry data loggers on the market export to one or more of these formats.
Advanced analysis features for graphing and comparing statistics for one or more data files, making DashWare the only data analysis software you'll ever need.
Arguing over who took that last turn the fastest, who pulled the most Gs? You'll see the stats right on the screen!
Use one of our project templates or choose gauges from our gauge toolbox to build your video project quickly and easily. Anyone can do it.
Want something unique? Create your own custom gauges in our powerful gauge designer and share them with friends.
Receive top notch customer support via email.
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