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Thanx to all the guys who helped me. My "scooter" as we "Safricans" call it, is "hundreds".The point is, I had to do it myself. So to all of you out there,who subsidize the "appyships" these so called mechanics are making you pay for. D.I.Y. is the only way to go
The sort of shit they did to my bike lol
1. Slide guides installed on top of the emulsion tubes(instead of using the emulsion tubes to keep the guides in place). Thanx for all the jetting tips etc, but it was only when I comletely stripped the carbs, that I realized they had been assembled by some "Goofy Fuckin Duck"
2.Timing chain guide bolts not tightened.
3.Clutch slave cylinder scored
4. Exhaust refitted rubbing the swingarm.

WE SHALL SEE NOW HOW SHE GOES. (Allready power wheelied her and I weigh 92 kg's(202 lbs in your language))
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