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So I'm building up a 1052 motor using 89 750 cases with bits lying around home.

First step take out the cylinder studs to make way for the 1052 set and all but one came out with varying amounts of effort.

So the last one snapped (twice) and now sitting close to the case.

In prep for drilling the bugger out I was checking the threads to see what thread insert I might need.

The Nut end is quite definitely M10 x 1.25 and I can run my M10 die over it BUT I can't get the die to run over the case end thread and it's the same for all the studs.

When I invert the stud the nut end is loose in the case but the case end of the stud fits nicely.

Major diameter of both threads is the same, held together they look identical and TPI is the same but very different when threading together.

I imagine all oilers are pretty much the same but want to make sure I've got matching threads before I start putting it together.

Can anyone confirm what the case end thread is on the cylinder studs?
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