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Ok guys I am new to this site and already love it. Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. I just bought a '99 GSXR600 w/6000 miles on it. This is not my first bike, actually it is my 5th bike. Anyway when I test rode it it ran great with no problems. I rode it home which was a 125 mile trip back and halfway I noticed it sounded like a cylinder wasnt firing. I bought this bike from a private owner so I dont know thee history other than he said he never had any problems. Anyway when I got it home I changed the plugs with new one NGK CR9E and it does the same thing. It smooths out at about 4000 RPM's and it runs fine otherwise. When you idle it sound like a misfire and when you crack the throttle it kindof hesitates then the RPM's shoot up fast. I just hope I didnt get screwed and its something simple and not a bad cylinder, piston, or rings or something bad. Any help would be great and thanks . Sorry for the long post!!! Matt
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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