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Cut wires for what?

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Hi All

Finally back on a gixxer after some time away trying italian bikes.

Picked up a k2 gsxr 1000 and have begun servicing it today. So far on my list to do after doing the usual servicing items

1) Check exhaust valve actuator seems not to do anything on igintion on
2) Find out what attached pics the wires were for and cut
3) Check why speedo isnt working only showing 0 kph

Can anyone help with point 2? On the front right hand side of the bike just below the upper fairing is where they are located.


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Y/Bl is the tach signal from the ECM to the cluster (didn't bother to check if it's used elsewhere). B/W is the ground. Those jumpers are probably associated with bad contacts in the nearby connectors. Rather than fix them, the PO cut the wires and jumpered around the connector. I can see what looks like the remnants of the cutting on the black connector. You need to fix those cludges.

I have limited knowledge of K1/K2 but suspect that the yellow and black connectors are associated with the connection between the main and front wiring harness. That connection has long been a source of problems, finally fixed in K9 when they switched to a sealed connector. You probably ought to take a close look at the connectors with regard to any evidence of contact corrosion. Some dielectric grease would be helpful.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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