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Hi All,

Have been wondering for quite some time if it would be worth getting a Power
Commander and a custom map fitted to my gsxr1000.
After all, the bike has major performance beyond anything i could ever hope
to use, more than any road would allow you to use, and makes me look like a
dumpty on most of the racetracks around SE Qld.

So anyway, I started tinkering (as you do), bought a TRE - Timing Retard
Elminator, tried out the new mapping that it's supposed to give - not bad.
Next was a K and N Air Filter - more so because it was a new / cheap
version on Ebay - but it's definately louder - which is always a good sign.

I then started looking for a pipe - something for a quiet note, some
grumble, but not offensive. 1stly I removed the EXUP valve that strangles
the pipe - I can honestly tell you that these valves are predominantly there
to help the bike pass noise restrictions and bugger all else - did not lose
1 hp because of this removal, but gained some noise for sure !
So back to the pipes - they range in cost from $500 upwards, and having a
stock Ti pipe on the bike, I started wondering........SO i pulled the stock
pipe, welded up a long drill bit and big bored the bottom end of the baffle,
and then small bored the top end of the baffle. Result - heaps more flow,
and a bloody note that's on par with a Yoshi or Akro.

So I was happy for a while - till one night late - searching Ebay as you
do....Power Commander 3 R - $200....HHmm - fug it...Bought it for $240.
Plugged it in next day and absolute friggin crap - didn't work at all, and I
thought what a waste of money.

Few months pass and am thinking, shit, I have this PC - might as well take
it to experts, so ring up Serco Australia in Capabala - a nicer bloke i
would not of met, has dyno and features to allow custom map, rides pro stock
bike, is from my home - Tas - Top Bloke !!

So i drop the bike off for a few hours and when I return - i cringe badly as
I can hear from outside the sound proof room, and a further 80 metres away -
the bike being put thru its pacers...11000, 11500, 12000,
12500.....AHHHHHhhhhh - when is it going to blow ????? AAAHhhh
To be honest - I had to walk away...

Then Mr Serco comes out - the Gixxer with everything on made 143 rear Wheel
Hp - I thought, shit - not too bad - I'll take that thanks....but THEN he
said before I mapped it.
He said - check out this curve and the numbers and handed me a peice of
paper - 152 !!! Rear Wheel Hp, in 33% temperature, with nil ram air ! -
Fuggin Ell - to say I was impressed was an under statement !!
He then took me into the dyno room and showed me some over lays of other
bikes. He recently had several 05 R1's in the shop to dyno and he
overlayed those curve's over mine - and WOW ! - the 02 Gixxer was in front
of the 05 Yam's the whole curve and beat the top end by 2 hp ! Not bad for
an ole girl, especially when the 05 R1's are all new and prolly wont be
changed for a few years to come !!!! This is from a static Dyno as well -
When the airbox is full on the road, i could expect prolly another 8 hp, or
so - so that really, really impresses the crap outta me !

Anyway's - I jump on the bike and - SHOULD OF DONE THIS A LONG TIME
AGO....anyone who has been thinking about doing it - just do's
like a new bike, simply bloody amazing. Fuelling and response is INSTANT,
6th gear now pulls as hard as 4th used too ! - it's that much of a
difference. AND to top it ALL off, i now get 35km's per tank MORE as the
bike was running way too rich !

Mr Serco is awesome, he was really nice, explained everything down for me,
showed me why's, how's etc - and very friendly. The world would be a much
better place for more ppl like this guy.
What does Mr Serco (not his real name by the way) charge me for all this
work, 3 or 4 hours of dyno work etc - $220 !!!!!

I cannot reccomend this guy highly enough. - Serco PTY LTD PO Box 1125, 34
Veronica St Capalaba QLD.....Thanks Heaps.


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sweet dude i will be in the samw boat soon with the gixxer and bandit!!!! sounds like i will be taking it there!!

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Anyone see the Dyno for sale in Aust MCN ? - Oh how i'd love to buy one of those.....anyone wanna chip in?? Bargain at a cool - $32000...
Now let's see - $200 per run...fuggen 'ell, that's a LOT of run's.....
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