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hey guys check this out. After the new parts the bike is purring thanx. but I don't have anything charging the battery.
I unplugged the alternator till I can get a new one or new voltage regulator. will this hurt the bike at all.?
should I not run it on the battery only>??
I heard of guys at the strip who block there alt. holes with plates and the starter hole too. and run it off the battery.
is this safe.?
At lunch at work it was time for a test. I rode for a hour on the battery alone. It did nice even on passing on some twistys doing 80-90. I kept waiting for it to cut out on me or something.
never did I let the battery charge from 7:00 till lunch and when I got back. and hooked it back up. it was barely drained at all.!
what do ya think.,?
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