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Crashed my GSXR 125, Need advice.

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Hi, First post here so go a tad easy on me

I recently had a crash on my 125cc GSXR 2021 model in its beautiful red and black, Ive sorted out most of the major problems, changed the forks checked the frame, checked the wiring, got a new wheel on the way and sorted out the front brake,

the issue was caused by my front brake failing me as I lost traction on a corner at around 60 MPH I slammed on both brakes but ended up head first into a tree, breaking my collarbone and few ribs, I was saved by the gear,

however to avoid cost ive been fixing the bike myself, as noted above I changed the damaged parts and have new fairings on the way, Due to me taking apart the bike while I am/still recovering I can’t remember a few things and have a few questions.

1. I had a battery cover that went under my seat, I cannot for the life of me figure out how it went on and am questioning if it’s ‘important/needed’ or just a tick box.

2.Anything else on the front I should be worrying about on the bike that could cause issues.

And lastly I’m just looking for advice / Tips regarding getting my bike back to her glory, it’s causing me pain to see her like this and would love some tips to help me re fall in love with my bike.

pretty much give me some experienced biker knowledge to digest and help spruce up my bike.
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Photos of collar bone, Old forks, front twisted wheel and the front body, Note didn’t take any photos of my bike on date of accident as have no plans on making insurance aware + my phone that was in my pocket got whacked.
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"sorted out the front brake...front brake failing me"
The front brake didn't work for some reason? If so, what was wrong with it?

It may be hard do find right now but a service manual would be a big help.
Brake refused to engage for whatever reason looked it over and it looked like I had one heck of an air bubble in the loop but I’ve got a fresh loop and new pads now so hopefully all sorted, feels better than before
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Any part website is nice to check every bolt position and compare factory design:
model 2018, maybe others have newer:

I can not find the battery box on these pictures bust sometimes they are hidden somewhere else.

Maybe get the "new" frontwheel balanced without tire, then with tire.
Steering seems fine it’s got a weird wobble on the wheel like it goes left to right and doesn’t stay straight like I pissed driver,
I’ve ordered new rim as that appeared to be the problem
Battery is under my seat it just has a rubber throw over it that I can’t figure out how to re attach.
Hey there buddy!

Glad to hear that you are recovering from this horrid crash! My advice would be to get your hands on a service manual for your bike ASAP, so you have thew proper torque specs for all the parts and bits! Also make sure you check out the master bearing in the steering stem. When i look at your fork id say i would replace and inspect the stem bearings just for my peace of mind, since your triple clamp is out anyway, replace the main steering tube and bearings, forks obviously anyway but also make sure you check your frame's heads and lower welds for cracks. Remove the tank and check them inside out if possible even with a crack detection spray! (you can find kits on amazon for cheap its just a cleaner, primer and developer that sucks into cracks and after development you see them clear visually, if you cant find them look up engine crack finding) If you see a crack get it welded if its just localized or a new frame if its really shot.... Remember its "only" a 125 but it can still cost you your life. Looking at the damage you need a whole new front end including rim, stems, stemtube, bearings and dont forget to check your clutch/brake system it could be cracked or damaged. If you are not sure about your brakes get them checked out by a friend /mechanic/machinist you trust and who knows his stuff, hes gonna know what to look for in terms of material failure or weak/damaged links.

hope it all works out and bless you on your recovery mate!

Edit: Also use atleast low or better mid grade loctite on brake/caliper bolts, stem clamp bolts, frame bolts and handle bar bolts. After you figured out your prefered position.(Not the main axle tho) Less is more but the vibrations get those named loose i learned the hard way on my first race bike. Yeah maybe it was a rattly POS but i still do it to this day lol


many thanks for all your amazing advice / tips,

will definitely be more cautious on my little ‘125’
Even though she’s little she reaches 80 and I’m sure that’s more than enough to kill me, heck the tree tried it’s best!

The gearbox appears to not be finding gears as easy and finding false gears and making a bit more of a clunk than I’m used to when it drops into gear, Any clue what could be causing this, as I’m hoping my gearbox is still good.
Ok I’m on
Was your gear lever bent ? Try adjusting your gear lever height . (y)
brilliant stuff, adjusted the height and spotted a slight bend in the rod, managed to straighten it out with some persuasion, and she’s back to shifting gears!
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Kyle, Kyle, Kyle- I'm assuming you are younger and being on a '125'. Not that there's anything wrong with that! LOL

I guess What I'm saying is- I'd/we'd like to see you live a long healthy life and be and old man like me.

Some of your statement in your OP kinda confuse an old man like me and need some clarification:

" the issue was caused by my front brake failing me as I lost traction on a corner at around 60 MPH I slammed on both brakes but ended up head first into a tree, breaking my collarbone and few ribs, I was saved by the gear, "

the issue was caused by my front brake failing me- How so? A brake should never 'fail', especially on a newer bike like yours.

as I lost traction on a corner at around 60 MPH- OK, were you loosing the front, the rear, both? Tight turn? Sweeper, large radius? the 60mph- meh, that's OK unless you were in fact going too fast to make the turn proper.

I slammed on both brakes but ended up head first into a tree, breaking my collarbone and few ribs, If you were in fact down low in a corner- slamming on the rear, and somewhat the front could put you down for sure. You can actually see yourself about to slam into a tree and make adjustment as you're coming off the bike to miss the tree. Don't ask me how I know LOL
The bones will heal, glad you're kinda OK, and will be OK.
Kudos to wearing some gear! 'Dress for the slide, not the ride' ?

I'm not trying to bust your eggs here. You're going about this as if you have some good sense.
Many people have made a mistake/crash similar to this. Don't ask me how I know.
Learn from it, continue honing your riding skills slowly, learn from it. Why do some lessons hurt so bad? LOL
You have time
I’d just over took a corner on an unknown road didnt spot the bend, can’t really remember much of the accident other than me slamming on my breaks the back on actually snapped at the pedal, and the front bent past the handle bars guess I grabbed too hard, and they ended up not slowing me down at all,

by the time I’d tucked back in after the car I was right before the corner and hit a metal grate in the road that slammed me into the pavement throwing me off a little then I just tried to correct the corner but lost all control in a wobble and hit the tree.

god dam it hurts but sitting on the bike as I fix it up makes it feel better.

And yes only on a 125, was due to upgrade to a 750f but holding off on that after this accident as I feel I perhaps need more experience, stated by the doctors my helmet saved my life as where I hit would have snapped my neck clean, and the shoulder pad cushioned my arm impact making it so my arm was still inside me to some degree.

prepare for the worst hope for the best,
All I could think in hospital was what would have happened if I had no gear on (the doctors said I’d be dead in many ways without it)

Unfortunately the gear is totalled and I’m in debt, but I’m alive to see my mrs in the morning
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