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Crashed my GSXR 125, Need advice.

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Hi, First post here so go a tad easy on me

I recently had a crash on my 125cc GSXR 2021 model in its beautiful red and black, Ive sorted out most of the major problems, changed the forks checked the frame, checked the wiring, got a new wheel on the way and sorted out the front brake,

the issue was caused by my front brake failing me as I lost traction on a corner at around 60 MPH I slammed on both brakes but ended up head first into a tree, breaking my collarbone and few ribs, I was saved by the gear,

however to avoid cost ive been fixing the bike myself, as noted above I changed the damaged parts and have new fairings on the way, Due to me taking apart the bike while I am/still recovering I can’t remember a few things and have a few questions.

1. I had a battery cover that went under my seat, I cannot for the life of me figure out how it went on and am questioning if it’s ‘important/needed’ or just a tick box.

2.Anything else on the front I should be worrying about on the bike that could cause issues.

And lastly I’m just looking for advice / Tips regarding getting my bike back to her glory, it’s causing me pain to see her like this and would love some tips to help me re fall in love with my bike.

pretty much give me some experienced biker knowledge to digest and help spruce up my bike.
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"sorted out the front brake...front brake failing me"
The front brake didn't work for some reason? If so, what was wrong with it?

It may be hard do find right now but a service manual would be a big help.
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