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Crankcase cover

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Well we all know it happens. The side of your bike meets the ground before you get sliders.

The first month I had the bike I layed down my bike accidentally while washing it. The kickstand folded on me but luckily I was on the left side. Put myself under the bike to save it but didn't get all of it.

The left side crankcase cover has scratches to bare metal on the bottom of it. Of course you can't really tell but I am too much of a perfectionist. I also don't ride my bike alot so it is more like a lifesize model in my garage. This crank case cover is the only thing keeping the bike from being perfect (or in new condition) right now.

Anybody know where I can get one. I know oneida (spelling?) has one

Also when replacing there a gasket there or do they use some kind of liquid gasket?

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i know has some cool looking ones and vortex makes them
Yes you are correct. Oneida Suzuki.
As long as you are replacing it, spend the money on a good after market piece. I just put the Woodcraft CFM on mine with the stainless skid plate and I love it. The fit and finish is awesome and they come with a replacement gasket.
ok dude im a perfectionist too but get out and ride! that's whta it's for...nothing i hate more than seeing my bike stuck in the garage, but im snowed in for the winter already :(
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