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Hey guys. I've currently got a 2001 sv650 and while I love that bike I've been searching for an old gixxer project. I found a 93 gsxr 750 with 24k miles. It's currently in the following condition:
no plastics beside the front fender
no front master cylinder (!?!?!?!)
right foot peg is mia
exhaust is cobbled together (header is all there, no serious dents. Just needs y-pipe/midpipe and muffler)

I took it for a very brief (sketchy ass test ride). I found it to track straight, and the motor sounded like it was in decent shape. It DID feel like the clutch was on it's way out.

I could pick it up for $800. I'm looking to make a naked streetfighter out of it, so it's actually a perfect candidate for this project im seeking.

My question for you guys is there anything i should be looking for in particular with this motor. I know this is the first generation of water cooled gixxers and I'm curious if they had any problems or known issues I should be aware of.

Thanks for all your help gents! :cheers



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