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concept 1 clothing

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sorry guys and not sure if i can post this here, but i saw some positive posts about services from mottomummy, and it encouraged me to buy from him...

well i have been contacting back and forth with C1C (concept 1 clothing), and i just wanted to make sure that the person i am dealing with is the legit person and not some fraud....

i have heard of c1c before on this site, but since i didnt see any advertisement from him as a site sponsor or anything, i just wanted to make sure some jackass didnt jack some honest sponsors name and wanted me to pay pal him money for imaginary parts...i also cant find a website of them...

i wont post the contact person, but his initials were M.A.

im tryin to pick up some 07 a* track pants and he has a great deal, and im all for giving props to him, if it is legit...

if this is c1c responding, or anyone who has had business with him...please leave a comment to ease my mind before i send out payments...

also, if anyone knows of a killer deal for SIDI Verigo (not corsas), greatly appreciated...the best i can find is $275 shipped...and yes, i searched in parts and can see my post there also, but not enough info...

thanks guys :cheers
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This link is the profile site for C1C;

You will also find him under group buy/purchases section. Hope this helps you out
hey thanks alot, im going to purchase the trackpants...and if anyone out there knows of the sidi vertigos for a kickass deal, hook up the details...

thanks again
The cheapest I could find my Vertigos for was $275 as well. I'd say go ahead and order them. The boots are awesome.

Too bad the Corsas dont come in a 49 :(
C1C is a great guy to deal with. I ordered and received my scorpio alarm from him
C1C is completely legit. I bought my SP-1's off of him for a great deal. He also responded quickly.
I dealt with C 1 C too and he was great to do business with...I got my A*s gp plus gloves and my joe rocket suzuki leather jacket from him...I would recommend dealing with him.
Just got my order in from Mike, shipped fast and has excellent prices. Also great with the customer service.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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