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Michelin is the world’s largest manufacturer of tires. In the motorcycle world, Michelin has the contract to supply the tires for the MotoGP series, providing the best riders in the world with the grip that only they can exploit. Aside from those tidbits, Michelin has been on the forefront of most of the major breakthroughs in tires. For example: It made the first removable pneumatic bicycle tire (which didn’t need to be glued to the rim) in 1891, the first run-flat tire in 1934, and the first radial tire in 1946. The radial automobile tire didn’t really get to the US until the late 1960s, when Michelin partnered with Sears to sell them as Allstates. More germane for us, Michelin’s first radial motorcycle tire burst into the limelight on the back of Freddie Spencer’s 500cc Grand Prix Honda in 1983.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires: Everything You Need To Know

That’s pretty cool, but what we’re here to celebrate is Michelin’s agreement to provide one lucky reader with a free set of Michelin motorcycle tires of their choice. Yep, you can order a set of Michelin Road 6 sport touring tires like the ones we’re currently flogging for a review, or you could win a set of cruiser tires, touring tires, off-road tires, or even track day tires. All you need to do is give us your email address, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t much when you consider the potential for thousands of miles of motorcycling pleasure.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Synthetic rubber

Now, it seems kind of silly to have to say this, but if you want to win, we have to notify you that you’ve won. So, you’ll need to enter a functional email address and make sure that the domain is whitelisted with your spam blocker. You have no idea how many entrants have missed out on their prizes because they never responded to the notification email and forced us to move further down the list of entrants. Do the right thing.

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