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Post your observations for week 2 here....

Ohio State
Seriously... when does "looking past" a team become an excuse for looking this inept on BOTH sides of the ball??? I usually call that "suspect".

Am I the only one that has noticed that there are multiple chinks in the armor of the SEC?

Notre Dame
There is no reason for a team this sorry to have an exclusive network television deal. The honorable thing to do would be to give back that money and let the network pick up some respectable games -- like Southern vs. Alcorn State... +10 to NBC for hitching their wagon to such a sorry program.

The giant killers strike again.


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For sure Ohio State will be buggy whipped by a certain Pac-10 powerhouse this weekend...but yes...maybe put a little more effort into beating up on lesser foes.

The SEC has a few chinks, but they are still "The" conference (and I am not an SEC fan by any means). The Gators looked good.

Notre Dame is overrated and was last good when Rocket Ismael lined up for them.

Pac-10: Cal and Oregon both looked good. The last play of the Washington game was a bust...Locker should not have thrown that ball up in the air, but in the heat of the moment that's what happens.

I am def. looking forward to Ohio State getting their ass kicked out here.

...And it seems like any time an SEC team dares to cross the mississippi river they usually go home wounded (eh hem....Tennessee). Georgia is gonna venture west this year and I'm certainly looking forward to that (I think they play ASU).

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The Big Ten, ACC, and the Big East all look like they are new to football and inexperienced.

The SEC looks like it does every year.

The Pac-10 is strong agian with USC being a dominant power house (and we'll see this comming weekend on the 13th for sure)

Oklahoma is looking very strong on offence, their defense still needs work but hey, it's only the second week right?

Finally, ECU is either very strong this year or very lucky, I wish them the best.
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