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Hi everyone,

Another GSX-R 600 K7 owner here and another clutch push rod seal leaking. Have researched this topic a little and looks like there is a lot of controversion going on about this whether you need to separate the engine casing. Let me leave my 5 cents and hopefully my case will clarify the repair to all fellow GSX-R 600 K6-K7 owners ;)

First of all I removed the front sprocket cover, then detached clutch pull wire, removed the retainer bracket and at last just removed the old seal with a screwdriver.

As you can see there is no any lip on the casing to keep the seal inside (applies to K6-K7 N732 engine, for other engines I don't know). Just put in a new original seal (part No.09285-06011) and don't forget the retainer bracket. Straight forward repair. Hope this helps.
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