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That's $2600 to you yanks at today's exchange rate.

Not mine but it's local - I spotted the ad today, which has been up for a month now. If anyone wants me to translate / intermediate / inspect..... my customary fee is beer. If you want me to transact it in proxy for you and hold the bike.... that's more beer.

Beyond a tail tidy, signals and the Hindle, this thing actually looks very intact.

  • new tires
  • one owner
  • I never use it anymore
  • Super-clean

If this was an 1100 slabby, I'd be taking it myself. Maybe one day.

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did it sell? sure wish I had the cash, I'd mothball it, spray inside the tank with a sealer so it won't rust, pump too..

then set up a gravity feed to start it once a month, drain carbs, let em dry real good, seal hole ready for next start...

that's one of the first models to come off the line maybe the first graphics scheme if I remember right? it was basically the same feeling when the copper Busa was sitting on the floor looking like, "yup you see it right"

be a nice bike to spend spare time and money at ronayers restoring to dead nut mint..

had all sorts of gixxers and a few Busas too, Suzuki since what 1972? these bikes are so smooth and have a ton of character, they will forever be a hoot to ride.. set up for your weight one might not think but they can keep up with moderns in the corners.. lil' heavier than modern and down on HP 15-20 or so but they get it done in fashion.. I love me an SRAD and cannot wait to get the 750 FI on the road

think imma go all the way though it and paint my own body kit or go chinese? not going through the motor it doesn't need it.. everything else does tho.. :)

an FI SRAD? oh my....
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