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get some gasket material from the parts store and carefully cut precision gaskets for both surfaces, THEN

bring that cover to a machine shop and have them shave the mating surface so its perfectly flat.. then check that cover where that glass sight comes off and check it for warpage as well..

a CNC machine shop will be able to true that mating surface up so its flat and true then the gasket can do its job and seal it up tight.. they plane it like you would deck a cylinder head to get that surface flat again..

have you tried putting that surface down on a known FLAT surface and use a feeler gauge to see if its warped or out of spec?

if you get that cover decked out and make a good gasket there is no reason along with just a thin film of liquid gasket this joint should be water tight under pressure..

specially if it didn't leak before you swapped it out.. new case most likely wasn't machined precise before they packed it up and shipped it off? that's how they are able to sell em so cheap, cut corners.. something you must do to these things to get em to fit.. others have done it in the past and use em daily..

I like the ability to see your oil and level at a quick glance, and see if its moving around when its running something that little secret squirrel sight glass doesn't allow for, motion.. you can really tell when its filthy, low or not moving with a large glass window like this..

the sight glass on sport bikes are so tiny, like a mouse is checking the level not a human... lol
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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