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Sup all. Recently bought a k9 1000. Love it so far but the clutch plates and fibers were toast so I redid them with an oem kit.

All was well for about 500 miles then I was riding home and my clutch adjuster nut rattled loose resulting in no clutch for my ride home.

I put it back in but took the clutch cover off (rather than just the little 19mm hole to adjust the rod/nut to get a tighter fit - rod is stripped a bit)

When I put the cover back on I noticed this awful noise. Ive taken it off and put it back on and everytime it still makes this damn noise.

Is my adjuster rod nut thing way too tight or is something out of place? I ended up messing up a washer on the starter clutch (#9 on the bike bandit part fiche) when I hit the clutch case back on in place with a rubber mallet. I retrieved it since it didnt go far. Im worried some other piece is flapping around in my engine or if I really messed something up.

Sound was not present until after I took the clutch cover case thing off. Yes the starter clutch is lining up. Can I start the bike with the cover hanging off to see? I realize oil is gonna go everywhere

Is my clutch basket loose now or something?
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