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i semi agree.....went down in short and a t shirt in tucson.....Damn! double front carhartts or any non hollister pre holey or skinny jeans(sad i have to say this stuff) gloves for sure and recommend boots. ive been down in a suit is shorts, whatever. the type of crash, usually a lowside is what you need to consider and the odds of taking fast corners. do you panic and slow down? are you always on the throttle through the corner? do you try to slow down when you are worried? do you know the lines on the roads are slick? protect yourself as you see fit given the condition. AT THE TRACK, if you dont take a lowside your not even pushing yourself. so by all means suite up and lose some plastic, get some rails or sliders everywhere and fucking keep pushing squids... when you pass the haters next season wave the bird
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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