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ceramic bearings

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have to replace front and rear tires, while im at it should i do ceramic bearings... read the posts, and they are 50/50.... but to turbo guys its a little different. 2cannons,maj750.. whatta think, street turbo 1000, sees mosty night skies... the added power,stress, yea or nea....or go with what has been working, steel sealed bearings which i replace on a yearly basis just becuse....
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I have them on my 1441 Gen2 Busa,in BST wheels. Only thing Ive noticed is that heavy ass bike is a lot easier to push around in the garage with the ceramics. I noticed zero performance gains at the track. If you have the money,try em out.
When you begin to grasp at straws and would sell a kidney for a few more hp, they seem worth the expense for hypothetical gains...

I built a few big bore stroker Busa combinations for Bonneville and had ceramic bearings in the water pump, cams and transmission...there were no gains on the dyno that could be attributed to them. Had them in the wheels too, yes it was easier to push around, but there were no other improvements.

If you are chasing records and your timing slip is measured to the third decimal place, you'd hate to leave anything behind on the table...but I think you'd have money to burn, if you were to only use them on the street.
After I saw the posts I tore it down and did them last weekend. And like you said it seems to be easier to push around but that's about
thanks for the input guys
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I'm about to order a set for my weak ass 600 track bike. I have to replace the wheel bearings anyway and the poor little thing barely makes 100hp at the tire. I was surprised by how much a set of OEM wheel bearings cost, and for a couple hundred more I could get a little boost in performance.

Compared to the stupid shit I used to waste money on 10 years ago, ceramic bearings are a fucking bargain! Bike parts can't steal my watch off my dresser while I'm in the shower or give me crabs like some of the skank strippers I used to party with, either.
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I installed Woodcraft ceramic wheel bearings for a friend. Spun the front wheel by hand before putting the calipers back on. Damn thing kept spinning for over three minutes...

They won't give you huge gains but if you're looking for that last little bit and have money burning a hole in your pocket, go for it.
I think I read somewhere that they showed a barely measurable HP increase on the dyno simply due to less resistance generated in the wheel assembly, but it was a very small amount, not something that would be easily felt by most.
i use them in race cars and race engines, definitely makes a difference as far as durability/wear and tear goes, also allows brakes and suspension to work better, especially if you put them all through the system, IE all bearing components are switched.
100% worth it. Worldwide Bearing has what you need.
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