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I am looking for some definitive information on the interchangability of the CDI (iginition black-box) between '97 - '00 GSX-R600's, as well as GSX-R750 from '97 - '98 (before fuel injection and the transition to an ECU).

I have three SRAD's, and only one working CDI (a 34ER0 part, the factory race unit as opposed to the street 34E20 version). I have a collection of "dead" and "unknown" CDI's, three from GSX-R600's (almost certainly dead) and two from '97 GSX-R750's (condition unknown, but will not generate spark in any of the three SRAD 600's...).

A new OEM unit is north of $550 from Bike Bandit, and $30 bucks more less tax from the local stealership. They claim that they've no means to test a suspect CDI, they just toss it and put in a new one (surprise).

Before I (cough) pony up the bucks to buy two new CDI's, or spend any more on "as is" (read potentially dead) parts from eBay or other salvage operations, I'd like to know what can really be interchanged.

The part numbers as listed on Bike Bandit's database are as follows:

- '97 600V: 491746-001
- '98 600W: 491747-001
- '99 - '00 600X/Y: 491748-001

Assuming that the database is accurate, there are differences enough to warrant a part number change over all three years (lumping '99 and '00 together). Does this mean for example, that a CDI coming out of a '97 can't be used in a '98 model?

Lastly, I've searched high and low for an aftermarket solution to replace/eliminate the CDI. There are apparently no K&N PowerPaks to be had anywhere on the planet. Dyna says "no", unless you're running a drag bike (I run these as endurance bikes) and use an external starter (no advance). MSD is non-responsive, and won't answer email, fax or phone calls, although it appears their digital ignition unit, coils, etc. should work. Has anyone got a thought here?
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