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Yesterday a bundle of joy from ccmhunt arrived at my doorstep. Within the bundle was a new 750 carb rack with mjns installed, a flo-commander kit, a set of velocity stacks and a replacement starter motor that was generously included for free! Everything came securely wrapped up with several layers of bubble wrap/tape/and surran wrap, as is normal pratice for him =).

Durring my dinner break from staff duty I rushed home to install the carbs. Tore threw the packaging like it was x-mas. I paused to admired the beauty of professional work and the complete transformation that the rack had undergone. The rack arrived in beautiful condition, when they arrived to him they were such a nightmare(this is a true understatement). I was unsure if they were even salvagable. And here they are back from the dead and in just like new condition. Plus they are in perfect ready to install condition. Tested the throttle adjuster (smooth and strong), tested the choke (smooth and soft like spreading warm butter), everything was to perfection.

After I overcame my OOOO Shiney fixation, I quickly installed the rack, primed the pump a few times to let the carbs fill. The bike started rite up on the first try. Unfortunately I did not get to the idle screw in time to set it correctly. At this point I had run out of time and had to go back to work.

Today I just finished the install of the rack, I overslept, had some errands, and had a few hickups that was my bikes fault. My first hang up was that my starter motor completely froze up and kicked the bucket. Thank heavens ccmhunt included one for me. I would have been push starting this bike for quite awhile without it. After swapping the starter motor out, and its connecting gear/sprocket (that cobramadness had let me keep), cleaning the spark plugs, and reseating the petcock, she fired rite up and sounded better than she ever has. I think with my past experiances I have become biased of DynoJet kits.

I enjoyed the change so much that I rode the bike till she ran out of fuel. I simply love how they feel. The fuel delivery of MJNs just makes sence. There's a reason they use the same delivery method in turbine engines.

This was the 3rd time ccmhunt has installed a MJN kit for me, and the 5th different rack that I've sent his way. One of the racks are soo shiney and identical to brand spanky new that they are left still in their surran/bubble wrapping and stored in my vacuum-sealed aviation container.

I see it time after time on this forum that people pass up his work, then turn around seeking his wisdom and expertise. There is current 2 ongoing threads that come to mind instantly, it just erks me. I will allways go threw ccmhunt whenever possible. The complete peace of mind of ccmhunt having my back and doing the work is completely worth every penny and then some. There is far and few between people that are willing to work with a persons circumstances and continually help out when and where they can. All in all thank you m8! Sincerely thankyou!

Next item on the todo list, install the Flow-commander. :cheers

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Coming to a theater near you: Beverly Hills Carb Ninja 2.
Chris has it going on, of this there can be no doubt.
It's nice to see acknowledgement of his expertise here, even if in the form of a movie trailer.
Great review and well deserved!
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