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Has anyone re-used their aftermarket levers when they got the recall done for the updated master cylinder? I have pazzo installed and love them. Would hate to go back to a stock set up or have to replace. Trying to decide what to do

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Were it me, I would check with pazzo and see what they have to say or do an internet search. With ASV, you are required to use the plunger that comes with the levers as I believe the updated master cylinder has a longer plunger. There have been instances of wheel lockup from not doing this.

Originally Posted by ASV Inventions

Technical Bulletin:

ASV Brake Levers on Recently Recalled Suzuki GSX-R Motorcycles Must Be Re-Installed on Updated Master Cylinders Using ASV's Original Brake Plunger Rod

Recently recalled 2004 to 2009 Suzuki GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000 motorcycles fitted with ASV Inventions brake levers before the recall can potentially have issues if the original ASV brake plunger rod on the recalled brake master cylinder is not reinstalled on the replacement.

Furthermore, the plunger rod on Suzuki's recall-mandated brake master cylinder must not be used with any ASV lever.

ASV recommends that GSX-R owners with ASV brake levers re-mounted on upgraded master cylinders return to the dealer that installed them to ensure that the ASV lever's original plunger rod was used.

Installation of ASV brake levers on the new master cylinders must be performed according to ASV's installation instructions, which can be found at

If the original ASV plunger rod wasn't used and the dealer no longer has the ASV-supplied part, a replacement will be sent free of charge.

To receive this part or get more information regarding the recall exchange and installation of an ASV brake lever, please contact ASV Inventions at 714-861-1400.
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